Additional Packaging Info

State and local sales tax will be added to the total at the time of booking for CLIENTS that live in CO, FL, NJ, PA, TX, and WA because these states count digital delivery as a tangible product. For CLIENTS that live elsewhere, sales tax will only apply if the $300 Raw Footage option above is selected— sales tax would apply to the entire package price, not just the $300 fee, in these instances. 

And here are examples of the videos included with each package! 

Cinematic Highlight Video – Preview and Short packages 3-4 minutes long, 1 lyrical song (your choice – must come from either, or 

Multi-Camera Edits – Short and Feature packages Rewatch the main events of the day, condensed into a smooth, watchable film. Unlike the highlight videos, our Multi-Camera Edits provide a chronological, no-nonsense, and slice-of-life- style account of the included events while simply cutting between camera angles. Since each event is played out in its entirety (aka “real-time editing”), the exact length of each edit varies depending on your day! 

Extended Highlight Video – Feature Package Only 7-9 mins long, 2 songs (you pick 1 lyrical song – your videographer picks an introductory instrumental piece that blends into your lyrical song choice), plus optional woven-in dialogue (audio captured via professional recording – discreet lapel mics, soundboard plug-ins, etc). 

Optional Add-Ons: 

  • Added Vows – Short package ONLY – $200 – add dialogue from personal vows or card readings to the 3-4 minute highlight video in the Short package. It cannot use the dialogue from speeches.
  • Extended Multi-Cam – Short & Feature Packages – $200 – Same as the multi-cam edit in The Short and The Feature packages, but includes the complete ceremony and any other main events of the reception not listed in the packages above (cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss).
  • Drone Coverage – Short & Feature Packages ONLY – $200 – aerial footage available in some areas: weather, venue/legal restrictions permitting. **Drone is not available with the Preview package. 
  • Compressed Raw Footage – $100 – **highly recommended** These files will be compressed and delivered digitally for download. Generally, they will be sent as 4 long video files, 1 from each camera. Each video file will include everything shot from that specific camera. Raw footage should not be considered a replacement for the multi-camera edits we offer, however. We recommend it only as a secure back-up of our work as we delete all footage approximately 60 days after all final products have been delivered. 
  • Original High-Quality Raw Footage – $300 – This option will be delivered as hundreds of files/ clips transferred to a hard drive in their original quality (not compressed) and mailed to you. These files are in their original size and format and can be used to make additional compilations/ edits. 
  • Instagram Video – any package – $250 – a 60-second highlight for social media, delivered within 2 days of the wedding.