A Nod to Neverending Romance: Marcie and Montel’s Chicago Wedding Day

It might sound like an old story, but it never goes out of style — two young students meet on campus and end up falling in love. That’s exactly what happened for Marcie and Montel.

When they met in college, Montel was a sophomore. Marcie had just recently arrived on the college scene and was in her first year. As soon as they started dating, they knew they had discovered something special. In other words, no one was surprised when they made it official and got engaged.

Creating the Perfect Chicago Wedding With Lots of Family Traditions

Marcie and Montel wanted to incorporate their Filipino heritage into their wedding. They decided the veil and cord tradition was a must.

The Filipino veil and cord ceremony has been around for generations. During the ceremony, the wedding couple’s sponsors place a cord and veil on them. The cord and veil symbolize the bond that’s being acknowledged and supported. It’s a gorgeous nod to the past — and, as you can see in Marcie and Montel’s wedding video from Shutter & Sound, the moment was emotional for everyone.

Checking out Chicago Wedding Venues

Every wedding needs a venue that fits the vibe. For example, a modern wedding requires a contemporary setting. A nature-loving couple might opt to say “I do” in a place like a preserve, park or another location with lots of outdoor access.

For Marcie and Montel, experiencing a ton of fun and romance during their wedding event was important. They looked around the top Chicago wedding venues, including Lyman Woods Nature Center. Eventually, they decided to have their ceremony and reception at Harry Caray’s. As it turns out, Harry Caray’s gave them exactly the ambiance they were looking for.

Love and Laughs Captured by a Chicago Wedding Videographer

The lead-up to any wedding takes time and energy, but the day can whiz by in a flash. That’s why Marcie and Montel, like so many other couples, wanted to find the right Chicago wedding videographer to catch and preserve their big day.

Their choice? Shutter & Sound. And you can check out the resulting wedding video from August 2021 here. We wish them the best as they embark on the next chapter of their life!

If you’re looking for a videographer team that knows the best Chicago spots for wedding photos and videos, give us a call. We can offer up a few suggestions of where to capture your first wedding look, and we’ll work with you to create a piece of art that will help you relive the sights, sounds and emotions of the big day. Reach out today to get started.