David W.

Dayton OH to Los Angeles, CA. University of Dayton Graduate. Past lives include: Nationally ranked swimmer, lead singer and composer, brand leader for a clothing enterprise… and I talked my grandpa into investing in apple back in 2005 🙂 I was trained by one of the top wedding videographers in the country, and now after 5 years of lead shooting experience I approach shooting weddings like a creative competition. Meticulously thought-out and prepared so your big day goes perfectly, and we all end up happily every after : D

Alex A.

Alex is a USC graduate with global filmmaking experience in non-profit promotionals, music videos, and independent and documentary films. His approach to weddings, much like his personal projects, is to craft a dreamlike memory that is unique to each couple. He likes camping and nature hikes, meditation, Mutual Aid, and community service.

Favorite Movies: Eternal Sunshine, Embrace of the Serpant, The Qatsi Trilogy, Love True
Shows: Anime, comedies, nature documentaries

Michael C.

Michael has been creating videos for the last 15 years. He’s worked on projects ranging from short films, to advertisements, music videos, feature films and documentaries and entered into the wedding industry in 2016.
When he’s not filming or editing he enjoys relaxing at the beach, hiking, training in mixed martial arts, skateboarding, playing story driven video games or watching shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, or Avatar the last Airbender.

Alex H.

Turned down an NFL contract to make wedding videos and scary movies. No regrets!