A Beautiful New York Wedding: Roxanne and Drew’s Story

Roxanne and Drew’s love story kicked off with a simple but sweet beginning. They met each other on the dating app Hinge. After just one date, they both deleted the app and began their relationship officially. When you know you’ve met the one, why keep searching?

As they prepared for their big day, Roxanne and Drew knew they had to have just the right NYC wedding videographer to capture their traditional Jewish ceremony at Lotte New York Palace. Shutter & Sound was able to make that vision a reality for them.

Incorporating Jewish Wedding Traditions

Roxanne and Drew stayed true to their Jewish roots by incorporating cultural wedding traditions into their ceremony, such as the breaking of the glass and blessings over challah and wine. The two are all smiles in their wedding video as they’re lifted up into the air on chairs as part of the hora.

The breaking of the glass is often done by the groom at the end of the wedding ceremony. It demonstrates the sorrows of marriage alongside its joys, showing the couple’s commitment to stick by each other in hard times.

Blessings over the challah and wine usually occur before the reception starts, with a rabbi or family elder saying a blessing over the bread and cutting it into pieces for every table to partake.

Choosing the Lotte New York Palace as the Ideal Wedding Venue

The couple married close to Christmas, which meant that the Lotte New York Palace had plenty of its own flair with holiday decor. But this element didn’t take away from the romantic atmosphere Drew and Roxanne sought — it only added to the loving vibes. In their video, the couple hug and kiss beside a brightly lit Christmas tree on a golden staircase.

They played up the romance with dimmed lights, lots of candles and a white and cream color scheme for the florals. The two chose a dramatic and romantic tone for their wedding video, but they made sure to honor their personalities and keep things fun with moments like the hora and their lively wedding reception.

The video becomes truly complete with a stroll down a New York street, with Drew holding Roxanne’s white dress and covering her with an umbrella in a loving gesture.

Let Us Craft a Romantic Wedding Video for You

Weddings at Lotte New York Palace are popular due to the location’s beautiful setting and flexibility. If this couple’s love story has inspired you to host the New York wedding of your dreams, Shutter & Sound can assist with turning your memorable day into a work of art.

Reach out to us as soon as you’re ready — we book every weekend.