A Stunning Ceremony in West Palm Beach: Suzanne and Sasa’s Story

Sometimes, the best love stories are years in the making, as Suzanne and Sasa learned firsthand. Their first meeting was at a football game at the University of Florida, but it would be another two years of blessed friendship before they decided to take the leap and become partners. After another six and a half years of dating, they knew it was finally time to tie the knot and commit themselves to each other for life.

Traditions With a Twist

The thing that excited the couple most about their upcoming nuptials was showing off their love and coming together as a married couple. They did this by infusing wedding traditions with their own special meanings. Even their cake topper of a gator bride and groom symbolized their very first meeting and one of the many things that allowed them to grow their love.

Of course, they knew their wedding day could not be perfect without including their favorite furry friend, either. Their dalmatian, Penny, made an appearance at their wedding, ensuring all the things they adore most were present as they cemented their love.

Celebrating Like Royalty With Everyone They Love

For their wedding’s theme of rustic elegance, there was no clearer choice for them than the Royal Poinciana Chapel in West Palm Beach, where Suzanne’s parents had gotten married two decades before. Their dusty blue color scheme fit perfectly with the outdoor wedding space, as you can see in their video. They continued with the nature-filled theme by having their wedding reception in her parents’ backyard.

As their wedding day approached, the couple knew they wanted one thing above all else to come through at their ceremony — sincerity. When discussing their plans with the team at Shutter & Sound, they made sure our videographers captured plenty of candid moments that shared the joy, fun and upbeat nature of the day. They knew that when they looked back on the first day of the rest of their lives, seeing their love and that of those closest to them would be the most important thing.

Capture It All With West Palm Beach Wedding Videographers

Your wedding day is sure to be one of the best days of your life, but it will come to an end sooner than you can imagine. That’s why it’s essential to have wedding videographers capture every second and transform the day into a highlight reel of the looks, smiles and kisses you want to remember.

The filmmakers at Shutter & Sound are dedicated to taking your big day and creating a moving piece of art you can view and reminisce on whenever you please. Our videographers want to immortalize all those special moments through our favorite medium, with songs and speeches that exemplify your love.

Transport yourself back to that beautiful day whenever you want, just like Suzanne and Sasa have through their sincere wedding videoReach out to our team today to learn more about what we do. We can’t wait to capture the magic of your wedding day!

A Charming Wedding in Washington, D.C.: Maren and Nate’s Story

We know that dogs have better sense than humans, and this story just might prove it once and for all. At a post-Labor Day pool party, Maren’s sweet pup knew exactly what she was doing when she took a liking to Nate, forcing her owner to introduce herself and make friends with someone else in her apartment complex.

Over time, Nate and Maren found themselves falling for one another over beach trips and nightly walks with their dog until they finally knew it was time to spend forever with one another and their favorite furry friend.

Puppy Love Turned Forever

Maren and Nate’s wedding video takes place at Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., where they held their outdoor wedding and reception. The couple is all smiles in every shot, effortlessly showing off their love for one another in a gorgeous piece of art they’ll treasure forever. You’ll even see shots of the pet that started it all, from her topper on the wedding cake to her role in helping all the bridesmaids get ready!

For this couple, sharing their love with their friends and family was the most important thing about their big day. Their video captures plenty of candid moments of them getting ready with their respective parties, meeting and dancing with their parents and enjoying every second of the ceremony and reception with everyone who attended. Their video highlights the beautiful pinks, greens, whites and golds of their color scheme and the incredible outdoor location of their ceremony where they exchanged their vows.

Most importantly, the video captures all those special moments between the couple, from seeing one another dressed up for the first time to their first kiss as a married couple and then dancing the night away while all their guests cheer them on. Our videographers were honored to be invited to their big day in Washington, D.C., as the wedding videographers in charge of immortalizing their best moments.

Find a Wedding Videographer in Washington, D.C.

Shutter & Sound is here to ensure you have a beautiful piece of art to remember your special day forever. Every member of our small team of videographers considers themselves an artist, and they treasure every film they make as one of their best masterpieces. Check out Nate and Maren’s romantic wedding video, and you’ll see the great level of care and effort we put into every couple’s video.

Our videographers know your video is as much about craft as it is about art. That’s why everyone in our team starts by learning our video editing techniques, allowing couples to get a consistent result every time. Explore this and many of our other videos on our blog so you can get an idea of what your wedding video might look like.

Learn more about how we do our work by contacting us today. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding plans and how we can help you create a lasting memory full of your favorite moments from the best day of your life.

A Colorado Springs Dream Wedding

The Couple’s Perfect Venue

When it came time to tie the knot, Zach and Taylor knew just the place and the Colorado Springs wedding videographer that could capture its beauty. Colorado is bursting with beautiful scenery, and The Broadmoor destination resort in Colorado Springs is the best place to take it all in. Weddings at the Broadmoor are special, but even more so for Zach and Taylor. The couple had a special connection to the resort, so they knew it was where they wanted their wedding to take place. They reserved the Cheyenne Lodge at The Broadmoor for the wedding, and it was the perfect fit.

Making Their Wedding Special

The Broadmoor allowed Zach and Taylor to celebrate their love in a way that expressed their relationship’s uniqueness. The couple wanted their wedding to be as fun, upbeat and elegant as they are. The Broadmoor was their canvas that they could accent to their liking.

Zach and Taylor got married outside in the fall where Colorado’s landscape could shine in all its glory. Zach’s emerald green tuxedo complemented the vast evergreens that sprout just beyond the blonde wheatfield field that sprawls across the campus. Inside, the couple danced together under warm lights with the company of their dearest friends and family.

Zach and Taylor’s wedding exuded sophistication and connection with nature they can remember for a lifetime.

Memories and Emotions to Savor Forever

The video crew from Sutter & Sound was proud to record Zach and Taylor’s celebration of love. The couple’s wedding video displays their joy and exhilaration as they savored moments with loved ones at a place that was special to their relationship. Zach and Taylor now have an artfully crafted video they can watch whenever they want to relive a glorious day that began a new time of love and prosperity.

If you’re planning a wedding in Colorado Springs, Shutter & Sound will be there to document your finest moments and put them into a personalized wedding video. Contact us online today to learn more!

A Nod to Neverending Romance: Marcie and Montel’s Chicago Wedding Day

It might sound like an old story, but it never goes out of style — two young students meet on campus and end up falling in love. That’s exactly what happened for Marcie and Montel.

When they met in college, Montel was a sophomore. Marcie had just recently arrived on the college scene and was in her first year. As soon as they started dating, they knew they had discovered something special. In other words, no one was surprised when they made it official and got engaged.

Creating the Perfect Chicago Wedding With Lots of Family Traditions

Marcie and Montel wanted to incorporate their Filipino heritage into their wedding. They decided the veil and cord tradition was a must.

The Filipino veil and cord ceremony has been around for generations. During the ceremony, the wedding couple’s sponsors place a cord and veil on them. The cord and veil symbolize the bond that’s being acknowledged and supported. It’s a gorgeous nod to the past — and, as you can see in Marcie and Montel’s wedding video from Shutter & Sound, the moment was emotional for everyone.

Checking out Chicago Wedding Venues

Every wedding needs a venue that fits the vibe. For example, a modern wedding requires a contemporary setting. A nature-loving couple might opt to say “I do” in a place like a preserve, park or another location with lots of outdoor access.

For Marcie and Montel, experiencing a ton of fun and romance during their wedding event was important. They looked around the top Chicago wedding venues, including Lyman Woods Nature Center. Eventually, they decided to have their ceremony and reception at Harry Caray’s. As it turns out, Harry Caray’s gave them exactly the ambiance they were looking for.

Love and Laughs Captured by a Chicago Wedding Videographer

The lead-up to any wedding takes time and energy, but the day can whiz by in a flash. That’s why Marcie and Montel, like so many other couples, wanted to find the right Chicago wedding videographer to catch and preserve their big day.

Their choice? Shutter & Sound. And you can check out the resulting wedding video from August 2021 here. We wish them the best as they embark on the next chapter of their life!

If you’re looking for a videographer team that knows the best Chicago spots for wedding photos and videos, give us a call. We can offer up a few suggestions of where to capture your first wedding look, and we’ll work with you to create a piece of art that will help you relive the sights, sounds and emotions of the big day. Reach out today to get started.