Things to Think About When Planning a Micro Wedding

While some brides dream of grand weddings that make them feel like royalty, others prefer simpler, more intimate alternatives. Your “big day” doesn’t have to be big — more brides are embracing the concept of the micro wedding to avoid the stress and cost of accommodating hundreds of guests.

But don’t throw planning and organization to the wind once you decide to have a micro wedding. You still need to consider several important factors to ensure that you can make the most of your wedding.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a newly coined term for a wedding with no more than 50 guests but still includes most time-honored wedding traditions — just on a much smaller scale than traditional weddings. Micro weddings are growing in popularity because they allow couples to have their dream weddings on a budget, particularly if they desire a destination wedding that a large guest list would hinder.

How to Plan a Micro Wedding

While micro weddings tend to cut down on the stress and cost for most brides, you still need to invest adequate time and effort into the planning phase. Here are six factors to consider when planning a micro wedding:

1. Choose a Unique Venue

When you don’t have to accommodate a large crowd, affordable venue options abound. Take your time finding a venue that speaks to you and your significant other’s personalities and interests, but make sure it’s also comfortable for your guests. From rustic barns to private beaches, the options are nearly endless.

2. Hire Professionals

Even for small weddings, it’s a good idea to hire professional photographers, videographers, wedding planners and catering staff to keep your wedding organized and lift the stress of coordinating the day off your shoulders.

3. Create a Meaningful Experience for You and Your Guests

Micro weddings are more intimate, with only your family and closest friends surrounding you. Make the day meaningful for your guests by creating a thoughtful dedication or leaving them with unique, personalized wedding favors.

4. Still Have a Reception

While you don’t have to go all out, your micro wedding should still feature a small reception, especially if your guests have traveled a significant distance to be a part of your big day. A micro wedding provides a fabulous opportunity for an intimate post-wedding dinner or relaxing cocktail hour — at a much lower cost.

5. Opt for Minimalism

Sometimes, less is more — and for a micro wedding, this is almost always the case. Avoid over-decorating, as this could overwhelm an already small venue. Instead, choose a few elegant centerpieces — such as flower arrangements or sculptures — and simple accents, including flower petals or string lights.

6. Book Live Music

Make your micro wedding extra special with live music, which adds class and intimacy to the occasion. Browse local artists’ event packages — you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the options!

Capture Your Micro Wedding With Shutter and Sound

No matter how small you want your wedding to be, capturing the story you create on this precious day is a must. Choose a Shutter and Sound videographer who can make this memory last forever.

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