John P.

Hi! My name is John! What can I say? love filming and editing. I’m always excited to capture the special moments in weddings, but what is more exciting is when I put those moments on to the canvas and start creating a masterpiece. When I’m not behind a computer or a camera, I love to work out — film gear isn’t easy to carry!

Shane L.

Hi I’m Shane! I’m a filmmaker that travels the world in search of good stories to tell. I’ve shot everything from narratives, commercials, documentaries, and of course weddings! On days when I don’t have anything to shoot I spend my time cooking or I’m somewhere in the world snapping breathtaking (hopefully) photos!

Pierre G.

My name is Pierre and I am a freelance filmmaker & photographer living in the tri-state area. Outside of the wedding industry, I love to shoot street photography, fashion, or a nice quirky short. When I’m not behind a camera, I enjoy trying new dishes, exploring the city, skateboarding, and B-rated zombie movies with questionable story arcs.