Damian A.

Hi there, I’m Damian. I’ve been filming weddings, commercials and narratives for nearly 10 years. When I’m not filming I’m usually somewhere out in nature hunting, fishing, camping etc!

Jordan S.

Hey! I’m Jordan — born and raised in the Bay Area of California. At fifteen I started filming and editing skate videos for my friends as something fun which quickly turned into my passion. I now apply the skills I developed from that passion to my wedding videography. I love having the opportunity to create art every weekend for the coolest couples.
Things I enjoy:
Movies (Action, sci-fi, horror)
Time with family
My dog Daisy

George A.

I grew up in the SF Bay Area and have always loved filmmaking since a young age, eventually studying it in college then applying my skills in the real world as a wedding videographer. When not filming, I enjoy walking my dog Toby at the many different parks in San Francisco and enjoy sports, especially soccer!